For Those Who Want to Be Men of Abundant Character

3 Standards to Aim at and Grow Towards

Jake Daghe
5 min readMar 20, 2022


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Think of the man you most respect in this world. What stands out about him? What is unique, that unspoken or hard to recognize element that lies deep below the surface and that buoys him against the otherwise raging and thrashing waves?

Is it his gentleness? The way he has a firm leash on his temper? Is it his patience, which is so uncharacteristic of the take-charge, alpha-male so typically encouraged in today’s society? Or is it the weight of his words? That sense that when he speaks, he has earned the syllables that roll of his tongue, either through war or through deep personal reflection and study.

What makes a man unique? What makes him, no matter his physical height, stand head and shoulders above those around him? What fills him with such an abundant character that you can’t help but respect, admire, and emulate his words, his thoughts, his actions?

And how can you become such a man that others speak so highly about? I’ve noted three standards that I believe carve the path towards this level of abundant character. Seek each of these three and I fervently expect that you will, down the road, find your roots like that of an oak tree — solid, deep, and steady.

1. An Upright Heart

Men are not often comfortable starting with the heart. Given that we are natural explorers, the fact that many men seem to leave their inner worlds unexplored is a sign more of our fear than our lack of awareness, as some would claim. We are not uninformed as much as we are terrified of what we might find.

If you’d like to one day reach a level of abundant character, you must begin here. With an upright heart. For from your heart all of you will flow. What then is an upright heart and how can you curate such a standard?

An upright heart is noble. It is pure. It does not compromise or cower. It does not boast or show out in mock bravery. It is low to the ground, sturdy, and immovable. It is willing to embrace emotions without being threatened, to love even though it might hurt, to apologize even though it might be embarrassing.



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