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Jake Daghe

A structure to help you take over entire industries by Daniel Oberhaus

Learning is one of the overcommunicated but underleveraged tools of the common entrepreneur.

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[Day 1]

I know that I feel more than I mention, and that I struggle more than I smile. I know that my joy is oft fleeting, and my thoughts tend to run miles on miles. If I examine the feast and the famine, the storm and the silence within; I begin to unravel the roads that I travel, I begin to listen to my emotions. I don’t have much practice or an ear for such talk, quick to assume, I’m slow to be taught. Though the learning be costive and the hurdles exhaustive, I’ve gowned up to dress down this challenging…

Truths, tidbits, and time-tested advice

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Five and a half years ago, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and his prolific journaling, I started a habit that has since changed my life. I started tracking and writing down one thing that I learned every day.

Straightforward ways to invite more joy into your relationship

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This article is about two of my favorite things: setting and accomplishing goals and building healthy relationships. I spend a lot of time thinking about both topics and looking for unique and helpful ways that they might overlap and be useful for you and your significant others.

Reading was the original Minecraft

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If you ask most leaders how many books they read last year, they’ll likely be able to give you a quick answer. However, if you ask those same people how many books they deeply understood and actually absorbed, they’ll likely look at you with a confused expression.

Kids need to learn to be real, not regal

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“Now, a person's faults are largely what make him or her likable…Preoccupation with self is good, as a tendency towards procrastination, self-delusion, darkness, jealousy, groveling, greediness, addictiveness. They shouldn’t be too perfect; perfect means shallow and unreal and fatally uninteresting.” — Anne Lamott

A note to help you remember you’re not alone.

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I love Netflix Christmas Movies. Despite what is often horrendous acting and incredibly predictable plot lines, I love when November rolls around and the advertisement flashes across that black and red screen that “Christmas Prince 5" is coming out in two weeks.

Tips to consider if you’re interested in crafting a new story

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The idea first started over the summer.

Count the cost with clarity

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Many of us have sat in the tension of this moment; we get a text from a friend or group of friends that reads something like this: “Hey, we’re all hanging out. Wanna join?”

3 practical tips that boosted Adam Rifkin’s connectivity

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In 2011, one man had more LinkedIn connections to the 640 Powerful People on Fortune’s list than any human being on the planet. This man had more connections to the top Fortune’s 500 CEO’s, Fortune’s 50 Smartest People In Tech, Fortune’s 40 under 40, and Fortune’s 50 Most Powerful Women than anyone else at the time.

Jake Daghe

Creative Engineer writing working hypotheses. Husband. Dishwasher. I write what I wish I could have read when I was younger. For more visit

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