8 Things I Could Never See On A Coffee Mug Again

Fixing Your Morning Pep Talk

Jake Daghe
5 min readAug 28


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For 80% of my life, I haven’t been a coffee drinker. That’s a passing grade in school, but a failing grade in life. The last 20% has been bliss. And addiction. And weaning. And jittery bloodshot eyes. But mostly bliss.

Being a relatively new coffee drinker comparatively, there are many things about “coffee culture” that I am diving headfirst into and that I genuinely enjoy. The first sip of coffee in the morning when the house is quiet and it’s still dark outside will always feel like unexpectedly finding money in an old pair of jeans. The way people share experiences and life over a cup of coffee at a local shop or in your living room.

But there are also nuances of the “coffee culture” that still make little sense to me. The ever-ballooning prices of a mediocrity-infused latte? Robbery. The way coffee has become a necessity of social nicety? Absurd. But the biggest thing that has puzzled me regarding coffee is the asinine slogans that adorn far too many coffee mugs.

I love a good coffee mug. In fact, a quality coffee mug — good size, good weight, strong handle — is actually becoming one of my more treasured possessions. However, it’s time that someone pointed out what most people are thinking about your “live, laugh, coffee” mug that ends up sitting on the counter of the work kitchenette because its owner is unfortunately not “living, laughing, and washing out their dang coffee” cup.”

So in honor of all those living and laughing their way through their first cup of joe, here are 8 other coffee cup platitudes we could probably do away with and never miss a beat.

#1. “Be the Change”

How many people who drink out of these mugs do you think actually change the world?

I’ll tell you — zero. You’re not going to find the President, Prime Minister, or any real leader sipping their morning brew as they tell themselves, “change the world.”

But you’re not a President or other head of state. And there are so many ways to change the world. I get it. But let’s be honest. If you’re banking on your coffee mug to move you into change-making action, you’re not changing much.



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